The Sandbox FAQ

What is The Sandbox?

I used to have a feature article that I started quite a while back, on Gaming Precision, called “The Soapbox”: I used that feature to take a stand on a certain issue or topic and named it pretty plainly so that readers would know exactly what was going on: I was about to jump on my internet soapbox and take a stand for something or someone. That’s pretty much the case, here, though the name is a little more symbolic this time around: this is my place to jump in, do whatever I like, as I like to. It’s my gaming playground, where I get to share with everyone what I like to share with everyone, from hot topics to debates to game theories to music. It’s not just a playground of words for me, though: this is something for all of those who follow me. It’s a big sandbox and everyone’s welcome to play!

Who is The Laymen’s Gamer?

The short answer? I’m The Laymen’s Gamer! The long answer?

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