[ Editorial ] Playstation Network, This One’s for You

Dear Sony Entertainment Network:

Let’s clear the water – I’ve done my fair share of illegitimate activity with my account: I’ve done gameshares, I’ve screamed obscenities and vulgarities that would make truckers blush, I’ve modified my system to play homebrew software, and so on and so forth. I’m no angel by the definitions you’ve set out in your Terms and Conditions. I’m fully aware of that and I’m clearly aware of what likely got my account and Playstation 3 banned. I’m willing to hold myself accountable for these actions. I’m also going to hold myself accountable for the kind of language I’m going to use from this point forward.

Want to do me a favor and hold yourselves accountable for your fucking actions, too? From what I’ve gathered, there are a certain amount of things that are supposed to happen when this kind of action is taken by your people:

  1. Certain actions, such as the repeated use of unsigned software, would set off red flags in the system or someone reports a user for repeated infractions.
  2. Someone or something verifies the validity of the reported or automated claim and an email is sent to the accused user so that the account holder is aware of the potential report.
  3. Once there is no response or rectified action is taken the ban is sent down to the account and/or offending system based on the severity of the infraction.
  4. If any questions are raised by the account holder the issue is discussed by the proper department and possible action is taken.

I should make you aware of the process that was actually taken in the instance of my account/system ban:

  1. I performed a reset of my internet service due to an discrepancy with account details and was no longer able to log in to my Playstation Network account after, no matter what system I tried and I could not create a new account on my Playstation 3.
  2. I tried to talk to Sony via the instant chat service on the Playstation website, only to be directed to talking over the phone due to the “sensitivity of the issue.”
  3. I performed some research so that I could perform an informed call to Sony’s call center, knowing that there may be some strong emotions coming up as a result of the ban.
  4. I was succinctly hung up on three times and I spoke to a total of five agents spread out over two different departments. No one was able to provide me any information other than the fact that I was in violation of the Terms and Conditions.

I have, to this day – ten days after the incident – not received a single email from you or anyone affiliated with you for anything other than to sell me something that, unless you lift my ban, I can’t even come close to buying, even if I wanted to buy it. I have gotten no other information from any of your representatives regarding my account other than the same old “you broke our rules” shit that you started with, basically telling me to suck it up and deal with it because I have no other choice.

In all honesty, I know I should have properly informed myself on the Terms and Conditions and I know I shouldn’t have performed violations of that agreement. However, nobody asked you to be a dick in response to those violations. If I actually was innocent of the violations you assume I committed, I could literally put you guys on a spit had I the money to take your asses to court. Be fully aware that you handled this like ignorant assholes: not only did I lose access to your network which, I should tell you, anyone can fully circumvent, but the most important thing here is I lost about five or so years worth of network purchases, right from the first day I purchased my first Playstation 3, which includes purchases made using my Playstation Portable, Playstation Vita, and a second Playstation 3 whose repair due to defect you also handled like arrogant jackasses – by demanding at least 200 dollars, even when I had a proof of purchase, to replace a faulty belt on a blu ray drive included in the system. I’ve spent a lot of money on this network.

I realize that I violated your Terms and Conditions and that’s why I was banned – but your Terms and Conditions and customer service policies need to change. You cannot prove undeniably that I was running pirated software and you cannot prove that I am part of the reason you may or may not be losing money. You cannot prove, without the shadow of a doubt that I was running anything that does anything but violate your bloated and hypocritical Terms and Conditions. If you ask me, I can somewhat understand that blanket bans happen to stem those who would pirate games, encourage the pirating of games, and distribute the potential to pirate games, which would lose you and game developers money, in the long run. However, I don’t see anything that can prove that I was doing anything, legally, wrong, outside of violating a constantly debated contract that everyone signs off on only because they have no choice but to suck it up in order to use your service which, outside of all that, is pretty damn awesome.

Are you in your right to, essentially, steal the right to my purchases because you’re all butthurt about my violation of your Terms and Conditions? Knowing about the constant complaints about the Terms and Conditions, I would say that you have all kinds of loopholes that give you every right to do what you want. I mean, there’s even a clause that states a user cannot participate in a class-action lawsuit so that way they can get every case in the bud before it becomes a large problem and a negative publicity hazard.

You tell me that you’re not aware of the bullshit you’re pulling on us and how you know how unfairly you treat your customers and I’ll call you a liar. You literally, by proxy and summation, are telling each and every user that you are able to perform any action you want so long as you feel they are in violation of the contract that you’re forcing someone to jump into if they want to perform any online action on any of your systems, including services that doesn’t even have a chance of affecting your profits negatively – which brings me to another issue, that being the need to log in to the Playstation Network in order to use services having nothing to do with Sony – and you’re also telling everyone else that you’re wanting to make a statement that you’re in control and nobody can fuck with you without punishment.

This is not very customer friendly and, while the vocal minority are usually those who many wouldn’t sympathize with because they pirate games or modify gameplay, this will be blown up in the media and the public, eventually. Telling people to just suck it up just because doesn’t go over well. Trust me.

What should you take from this?

Give me my fucking purchases back. I don’t care about access to my online features but I validly spent money on content through your services, including ongoing subscriptions that I no longer can use. I either want compensation for your arrogant handling of this case or access only to my purchases.

Also, be aware of your operating practices. I’m sure you already are aware but there’s no way you’re aware of the shit storm you have ahead of you.

If this notice is not heeded – and it likely won’t be – expect all kinds of violations to follow. I usually tip toed my way around this shit but after refusing me access to stuff I legitimately paid for without warning or explanation or even a chance at redemption, I have absolutely no problem with stapling your metaphoric balls to the wall. I hope this shit spreads like a wild fire and consumes you.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Laymen’s Gamer

oh, holy fuck. that felt nice.
oh, holy fuck. that felt nice.

Sorry to start this off on such a sour note but that needed to be done. I will be back soon with something a little less… venty. Have a good one!


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