[ Editorial ] This is it

I just read a blog post that, while vulgar – you’ve been warned – explains almost exactly what’s wrong with the gaming industry right now. I can’t say much more than that but that I think every gamer everywhere deserves to read this and needs to take it seriously. Gaming is not a bandwagon and doesn’t deserve to be whored out like it has been in the last fifteen to twenty years. Everyone has to work to make this better but everyone’s just simply happy with turning this into a right to print and waste everyone’s money.

So… yeah! Fuck anyone that complains about everything this is without doing a damned thing about it. Fuck everyone else that wants to just roll over with this and die. Fuck all of you who jumped on this bandwagon because playing video games became the cool thing to do when I’d been with it all along, right from the crash that ended up resurrecting possibly the most important console in video game history. Fuck all you posers, fuck all you haters, fuck all you casuals, fuck all of you people who think gaming is just a territory for unkempt geeks and attention-seeking whores.

Gaming is not a trend to be whored out by you people. Gaming is not something that will come and go like you likely want it to and you’re parading around with a sore ass like it has worn out its welcome. Gaming is an entertainment medium that will never go away and, unfortunately, has always been watered down.

So… fuck those who are unwilling to work to make gaming better, especially those who won’t do a damn thing and complain to everyone about how terrible it is. Go watch your MTV and shut the fuck up and stay the fuck out of my games, will you? It’s always been this way, it will likely not change on your behalf, the way things are going, and unless we all do something to make it better, it won’t ever change.

Suck it up or get the fuck out.


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