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[ Blog ] Going Back to my Roots

I’m playing a game that, just in its nature, gives me a few warm fuzzies, in spite of the stress planning a wedding, flower girl and familial drama, and inventory counts at work have given me: Tales of Graces f. Thanks to the turn of events that brought me to getting games… in a, strictly speaking, illegitimate manner… I got this game based on my past history with the SNES Tales of titles. I really enjoyed them and I thought I would be in the mood for a traditional JRPG. This game is just that, right down to the core. I’m actually feeling there’s a lot of similarities between this game and the Star Ocean games; namely, the music. I suppose battles are similar, too, but they feel like some kind of hybrid between the two series’ and not following any one, in particular.

Now, I’m not sure if any of you who actually read this regularly have seen the docket for games I have lined up to play and, possibly, complete, here they are, in no particular order:

  • Batman: Arkham City : I did own this game at one point but I traded it up for Mass Effect Trilogy. I didn’t get around to completing this game because I made the terrible mistake of starting the game on a harder difficulty than I’m used to because I’m sometimes a cocky bastard and now I’m stuck in a spot and that’s what turned me off from the game. This one spot ramped up the difficulty something terrible and now that I have the game again I feel ready to attempt it once more.
  • Burnout Paradise : You can’t really finish this game in the conventional sense of the term but I would like to get the final license and get all the trophies. I love this game with a passion.
  • Dark Souls : Why I’m coming back to this one should be obvious.
  • Dead Space 3 : If you’d believe it, I’ve not played a single Dead Space game outside of demos. I find the story enthralling and the death scenes are awesome but the gameplay is the one things that drags me down – I don’t know if I can deal with the stress of dismembering an enemy before killing it and its difficulty being based on how well I can accomplish that. I’m ready, now, though. I think it’s time after following the series as faithfully as I have, so far.
  • Far Cry 3 : There’s three million first-person shooters out there and when people were calling this one “Skyrim with guns”, I wasn’t sure whether or not I should take this one on. I am willing to try anything for a short time so long as it won’t cost me and after being literally thrown head-first into the action in a realistic-yet-ridiculous fashion, I am more than willing to give it a serious go.
  • Hitman: Absolution : This is another series that just didn’t reach out to me, in particular. I’ve played a few demos and I’ve had a mild interest but nothing really that justified spending the money on a game like this.
  • Journey : This is more for gamer cred than anything – while I do love everything put out by the developer, I’ve not looked at it as something I would be into as a game so much as I would be into it as a piece of art, or something. I suppose I’ll only know once I try, right?
  • Metro: Last Light : The premise is interesting and compelling – just enough to draw me in. I want to know what being in development hell for so long has done for this game.
  • Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch : I’ve played a demo and this was one of those games that made me kind of uncomfortable, even though it felt like a wonderful thing: everybody called this a return to JRPG form while I saw this as a more modern JRPG though this isn’t as modern as a lot of JRPGs today. I played it and it doesn’t feel like a traditional JRPG, to me, but it feels very much like I would enjoy this in the same way I would animations from the studio that’s responsible for this game. I just feel uneasy but I would like to try this and go through it to be sure.
  • Saints Row: The Third : I completed the second game and I’ve been slowly pegging away at this game. Much like Grand Theft Auto, this series takes the same sandbox formula and makes everything over the top and ridiculous. This game gets a little more serious in all the right ways. I want to complete it but finishing it is my priority, there’s simply way too much to do.
  • Sleeping Dogs : For a game that was originally going to be a True Crime title, this game is actually awesome. Just like Saints Row, this game has forced me to slowly peg away at it; the story has driven me, though. It’s very well-written and, while the action is poorly paced, this game feels like the departure that Square-Enix was aiming for.

That brings me around, full circle. There’s other titles that I’m chipping away at or have finished but haven’t completed but these are my priority, right now. Not a whole lot more but I am pleased with how Tales of Graces f is appearing, so far. Definitely brings me back.


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