[ Blog ] Much Ado About Gaming

2013 is nearing the hump and a lot of things are coming to a head. This is the first whole generation that may come to pass without my owning every system during some point in the generation in a long time, given I don’t get an XBOX 360. I know there’s a few things that I’m missing out on but I feel that I’m getting something that feels more tailored to me by owning my Wii and Playstation 3. Even though the XBOX 360 came out in between the other two systems, I felt, right away, that there wouldn’t be enough that was unique to the system that would make me want to get one. Fast forward to now and I still feel the same way – just a sign that I’ve made the right choice. I never felt comfortable with the XBOX LIVE service, either. The Playstation 3 seemed more tailored for what kinds of games and services I wanted from a game console – not something that did too much but allowed me to make it do exactly what I want it to do. My Wii was only there to play Zelda, Mario, Smash Bros, and Metroid. There were a few other games but until Nintendo swings out of the console market and strictly makes games this is how I’m going to end up playing Nintendo games: by buying Nintendo-made consoles.

I’ve really been kind of morose when approaching the topic of next-gen systems – I’ve done reports on rumors and articles on the Wii U but nothing that I’ve seen so far has really enticed me. I mean, the graphics capability is amazingly realistic but, aside from that, the systems haven’t offered anything that I really hung onto. I mean, the Wii U will likely have the Nintendo exclusives, meaning I’ll eventually be buying it, and the Playstation 4 will be using cross-play between the Playstation Vita and itself, so there’s angles that both of the systems are taking that have me interested but, beyond that, there’s not a whole lot. I already have an entertainment center that fits my needs. I can play games that I like, I can watch movies that I like, I can listen to music that I like, and I can customize the look of the interface a little to make it unique to me: these are all things that the Playstation 3 did for me and that’s really all I was looking for. However… having access to a service like the Playstation Network has really grown on me and now that it’s pretty much gone, I’ve finally gotten the push to look forward.

What does this mean? Well, I’m not quite sure, yet. I want to see what each company has to offer, in full, before I go and make a final decision because I’ve been playing games for long enough to know what I want right from the offset. Ever since I chose the SNES first before getting myself a Genesis, I’ve been very in tune with what I like from a console. I’m still very wait and see but at this point I’m strongly leaning towards getting another Sony console as my primary gaming product. Given, this is only because the XBOX One has not released much in the way of details regarding its gaming functions and Sony is pushing the connection between the Vita and the Playstation 4.

I don’t know. What I really wanted to say is that I’m finally eagerly awaiting the next generation and I was rather jaded about it before.


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