If you watch the hardware and software ends of gaming as closely as I did you would know that most of Sony’s updates for the PlayStation 3 are mostly redundant: they superficially add one or two features, claim to be patching a series of bugs and that’s about it. However, what isn’t shown on the surface and lies a little bit deeper is what I think is Sony’s true purpose to most of these updates – bolstering the PlayStation’s already hardened security. Daily, there’s been attempts to unlock secrets beneath the casing and it has, after many years now, been met with steady success, Sony has been pressing hard to keep it under wraps and to keep it from sustaining.

However, you can’t keep them away forever – they ended up unlocking the core of the system and Sony brought out the bigger weapon in a fit of desperation: the “banhammer”. Most of the time Sony justifiably bans users for using unsigned software – Sony can only assume that all unsigned software enables some form of piracy, I suppose, in lieu of doing some real research – but there’s a lot of times where some are banned without reason. I’ve heard of a few instances where accounts are banned for “suspicious” behavior without backing up their claims – claiming that they have no obligation to release their reasoning – and other times console ids are banned for no apparent reason at all, again, reasons Sony often won’t release.

Sony tripped up large yet again, releasing a new update that didn’t, on the surface, seem to be doing much but there are reports that PlayStation users with systems that are housing hard drives above 500 GB are failing, claiming their systems are “bricked”, a term usually reserved for an improper firmware flashing. Not only does this prove that Sony is doing more than they let on to common users but this is also proving to people the kind of user-unfriendly behavior that Sony commonly practices on the regular.

Will Sony play the humble card and hold themselves accountable for their mistakes, try to sweep it under the rug as a once-off problem, or will they take a “come at me bro” stance like the USA government has regarding the NSA leaks? Only time will tell, I suppose, but I hope that Sony takes this chance to humble themselves in the marketplace before their new system drops. They don’t need to be alienating customers now that Microsoft is finally humbling themselves and turning off their stubbornness.

Show me your moves, Sony!