[ News of the Day ] Microsoft On the Ropes?

So, there’s this thing about Microsoft clarifying their statements about the Kinect needing to be connected to the XBOX ONE at all times, practically backtracking on the statement altogether by saying the Kinect only needs to be connected in order to perform Kinect-specific actions. This has been the story ever since Microsoft announced the console, formally, either playing catch-up with Sony, trying to clarify their statements so that they’re more pleasing to the customers, or utterly backtracking to try and save face.

if a better visual was required...
if a better visual was required…

You have a situation here that could go one of two ways: Microsoft loses their footing and ends up playing catch-up for the next generation entirely or that Microsoft has an incredibly good poker face and they’re waiting to pull out their ace in the hole. I think there’s a little bit of each in each press release and I’m really anxious to find out if everyone’s suspicions, including my own, are really founded in fact or bullshit.

If it’s any one thing, I’m glad that Microsoft is taking the heat off of certain games so that I can get back to enjoying them; this also means that reporting on and involving myself in the next generation information flow will be met with extreme annoyance because every second article I read will either pick apart something about the console or defending it.

it was hard to just pick one. it is popular to hate on this thing now.
it was hard to just pick one. it is popular to hate on this thing now.

What do I think about all this? I think this practice by Microsoft is a little annoying, really, but the XBOX ONE is the only Microsoft console I’ve thoroughly considered purchasing, even if it won’t be the first of the generation I will buy. The system looks sharp and has tons of potential, should it be tapped into. Given, I think the PlayStation 4 is a far-superior system, at this point, the XBOX ONE is still Microsoft’s best offering, so far, appealing to way more than the usual casuals that they often market themselves to. I find that Microsoft is getting flack for trying to branch out because Sony has been doing serious electronics for serious consumers for years and in trying and failing Microsoft is learning the ropes, even if Sony is beating them up while they’re trying to gain their footing. All the Sony fanboys out there seem to be elitist and beating Microsoft up in this affair appears to be the popular thing to do.

Of course, if you know me at all, you know I can’t just side with the popular opinion just because it’s popular. I need to know why this thing was being trashed and if it has any value – yes, some of the approaches to the system were rather strange for a gaming machine but, all in all, its offerings are strong if it’s tailored to your needs. I would like to try one on when it drops. It does have a strong set of launch-date exclusives and the specs aren’t too bad. I honestly don’t see any problem with the system itself aside from Microsoft’s PR bumblings.


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