[ Game Music ] Persona 3 – The Battle for Everyone’s Souls

I know that it’s been a while, guys; I promise I haven’t forgotten about this blog. A lot has been going on: between getting married, moving ten hours away, finding a new place to live, finding new jobs, going through training for said jobs, unpacking, getting signed by Unigamesity and getting re-signed with Gaming Precision and reestablishing myself in the community, I’ve not had much time to even think about this blog.

However, though, this post isn’t without content: this song – hell, the entire series this song is from – is a personal favorite of mine and it felt very natural to mix this and arrange it for general enjoyment. It’s been my first foray into posting stuff like this into the public in some time; it’s very exciting for me because, now, I’ve been made aware of SoundCloud, a place where I can host my tracks without having to pidgeonhole myself into posting them on YouTube.

With that being said, enjoy! I won’t be posting much in the way of reviews, news, and stuff like that on my blog but I will keep on posting here, I promise. I will also be doing weekly updates so that way you guys can keep up to date with my content on the sites that I write for.


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  1.  No comprendo excesivo tiempo muy bien la materia que has intentado hacer comentarios.

    No importa demasiado me alucina ttu Webblog.

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