[ Blog ] All’s Well That Ends Well

Well, seeing as Sony will likely never give me access to my PlayStation Network content that I spent years and loads of hard-earned cash on again, I may as well spill the beans before I go any further, here: I am the proud owner of a modded Slim PlayStation 3. I highly suspect someone that I thought I can trust reported me and I’m grateful for the fact that I no longer speak to them because I suspected they were pricks to begin with; they’re likely the reason I ended up getting banned from PSN but it could have happened for a variety of reasons. I took a lot of pride from the games I got hard copies of, though, in spite of the fact that I could download whatever game I wanted; all of them were in pristine condition and I loved supporting the developers and companies behind IPs that I cherished. Lately, though, times have been hard and I’ve been faced with either having hard copies and having them sit around and do nothing, mostly; I could also be putting them up for sale and downloading them when and if I would like to play them. The latter is what I ended up doing but after more than three months of trying to privately sell them, I gave up. What I ended up doing is buckling and going to a local game shop here in Windsor in order to trade them in for cash but the trade to cash rates weren’t that great so I was forced to make a choice – trade for my gaming habits or take a huge hit on what I’d get back in cash. Cash was incredibly tempting, trust me. I would have loved to chip away at my bills but the rate this guy was giving me just wasn’t going to cut it for nearly 15 games… three of which were limited editions.  I was really attached to them. I wasn’t about to get socked for nothing. I did a lot of thinking. I paced that store like a madman, trying to go over my choices and get the most for my games. Suddenly, I had a thought and it became rather obvious what I should do:

Why am I not wearing pants?
Why am I not wearing pants? I should probably be wearing pants.

When me and my wife Daisy were still living in Ottawa, we were both working in places half-way across town from each other; she worked for Rogers Telecommunications and I worked for Walmart. We would both periodically have rough days, as I’m sure you could imagine. Well, she had a particularly rough day and I had the day off and we had agreed a good way to relieve some of that negativity is to go see a movie together – we had been talking to go see Grown Ups 2 since we’d both really liked the original – and this was a pretty good opportunity as the theater that was showing it was nearby her work and I had all the time in the world to meet her there and there was only one showing after she got off of work. Since she had the car, I had to take the bus to get my way clear across Ottawa in order to get to the theater so my logic decided to side with the possibility that I’d like some entertainment while I was on my hour-long bus ride across multiple buses; I brought my Nintendo 3DS along for the ride.

The first bus was alright, I was playing Pokemon White 2 and it was keeping me busy; getting myself to the second bus was a breeze because it barely felt like time was passing at all. I was even, dare I say it, having fun. Second bus wasn’t as great as some people on the bus were being annoying and kept distracting me from my play and since I didn’t have earbuds to help me block them out, I decided to put the system away in my coat pocket for safe keeping so I wouldn’t be further annoyed by the fact that not only was there vulgar and annoying people on the bus but their distraction was actually causing me to suck at the game.

"Yeah, okay, pal. You keep telling yourself that."
“Yeah, okay, pal. You keep telling yourself that.”

Anyway, a short time after putting it away, those annoying people got off of the bus and I ended up feeling sleepy. I tried playing my game for a little while but I decided to put it back as I was too sleepy to play. I put it back away and planned on trying hard to stay awake for the rest of the ride. I failed and I failed hard. I’m sure you could see how the rest of this story goes but in case you don’t, I’ll keep it short and sweet: I almost missed the stop that would have taken me to the theater and I rushed out, hoping to make it in time. I made it to the theater, to my surprise, with time to spare. So, smiling to myself, I sat down on the front steps of the theater to pull out my 3DS to continue my game where I left off but I was faced with a problem:



Both my coat pockets were empty. I know I didn’t drop the system on the way because, trust me, electronics make a nice, distinctive thunk, sometimes following by tinkling, after being dropped on the ground. I would have noticed and promptly had a heart attack. I thought about going back but the bus I left was long gone and the offices I would need to call into to have that bus checked were closed long ago. I have it on good faith that my 3DS was stolen – even if it wasn’t on the bus and my memory doesn’t serve me right I know it wasn’t at any of the locations I could have left it at and the lost and found of Ottawa’s transit company never found it so boiling it down to it being stolen is a pretty safe assumption, one way or another. It quickly turned into securing my account and its information, which, thanks to Nintendo’s “great help,” that didn’t take very long.


Fast forward back to today, where I’m trying to make a gaming purchase decision with the store credit I’m getting for my games and the decision suddenly becomes clear – this is the one opportunity I’ll get to get my 3DS back. Even better, I’ve been afforded an opportunity to get a 3DS XL, which I’ve been ogling since it came out, anyway. I snatched that bugger up for ten dollars more than the credit I got on my games and now I can happily play all the latest handheld stuff again.

Given, I’ve sold most of my DS titles after feeling I’ll never be able to afford to replace my 3DS but I have a couple games still – Final Fantasy III and Dragon Quest IX – and thanks to the help of a wonderful customer representative with Nintendo, who I’ll go on about in a second, I was able to transfer my old downloads and transactions to my new system, which should be rolling out in no time.



Getting on about this guy from Nintendo that I spoke with: he immediately caught on to the reference to Metal Gear Solid in my email and the subtle reference I made in conversation with him, responding with his own. It’s moments like those that make me glad I’m the kind of gamer I am; gaming is supposed to be about the shared joy of something people really enjoy about gaming and when two people can share that joy without even really saying that much, I think it’s really special. We ended up talking, in downtime, about the oncoming release of Ground Zeroes and what I thought about it, having played it. He even went one step further and secured a promotion that shouldn’t have carried over but assured me went through anyway. Either he was really good at faking me out due to the fact that I was a gamer or this was a genuinely great moment in gaming. Just buying this system has been an entirely positive experience, right from top to bottom.

Just goes to show that not all negative experiences have to stay that way; had I not gotten my 3DS stolen, I would have never ended up with a 3DS XL, for example. I would have never been able to speak with that awesome Nintendo rep. I would have never gotten to experience a couple new things and, sincerely, was one the bigger reasons I spent time with my cousin Leo and, as a result, got to see an aunt and uncle that I needed to spend more time with, anyway. Think about it. It all came around full circle.



Today was a good day.

By the way, guys, my friend code is 3497-1408-5741. Hit me up. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful night!




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