[ Blog ] An Open Letter to Electronics Boutique and GameStop

To Whom it may Concern:

You need a better training regiment for your employees. I could leave it at that but it doesn’t seem that anyone in your franchise on either side of the border is really interested in listening unless someone is blowing fire up your ass; I have a story behind this feeling and I’m going to take the time to share it with you.

I promise. It's exciting.

I promise. It’s exciting.

This started way back when Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn came out for the PlayStation 3. I was all hyped to get it and, as a Walmart employee, I considered myself among the first to have dibs on the game. It was right around this time that I modded my PlayStation 3 and, as it happens when you mod your system and you play online, you get banned. Of course, Sony stepped it right up and banned my account and my system. That was really big pill to swallow because I’d seen and heard nothing but good things about the game and I was actually out to get a physical copy of the game – while I do perform a certain amount of illegitimate actions on my system, I fully believe in supporting the industry and the titles I enjoy thoroughly – so I could play it on my system. I was disappointed but it wasn’t the end of the world: maybe I could get another PS3 and leave that one unmodded so I could play games online on it, FFXIV included. There was an option. I always had that option. It wasn’t an easy choice or something that would come easily but I had that option.

Almost makes you wish you had no choice at all, doesn't it?

Almost makes you wish you had no choice at all, doesn’t it?

Fast forward a little bit, here, and I get word that a PlayStation 4 version was coming out. I rejoiced at the news and it only got better from there: there was an open beta that I was eligible to participate in, there was plenty of goodies for pre-ordering and, after playing the open beta and proving to myself that I really wanted to commit to this game, I discovered there was a collector’s edition being released with all kinds of goodies. I was hooked after playing the beta and it only seemed natural that I would want all the advantages that came with pre-ordering the collector’s edition. The only problem was that none of the Canadian retailers – Best Buy, EB Games, Future Shop, and Walmart – had listings for the collector’s edition. They had listings for all the other retail releases of the product for all its systems but none of the collector’s edition. I could have easily pre-ordered the regular edition and sated myself with the in-game goodies that came with the pre-order for that but the collector’s edition just seemed too good. I decided to play the waiting game for the collector’s edition.

The next act: playing a game that I don't know the rules to that I can never win.

The next act: playing a game that I don’t know the rules to that I can never win.

This is where your companies come into play: I started the process by going to your locations in Windsor, asking around about the game, what kind of options I have in terms of purchase and availability. I researched the product and I was checking for signs and opportunities to pre-order but nothing was coming up. I would keep calling in and checking in because, let’s face it, I’m a fairly regular customer of yours, anyway, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try and find out as much as I could about how I could go about getting this collector’s edition. Half of the people I talked to had absolutely no information for me and that’s where I ran into my first set of problems. The other half of the people I spoke with had minor information about the product and barely knew a collector’s edition even existed. Up until today, not one person told me there was a pre-order available for the product; this is screwy because I’ve asked about pre-orders with some of these people as well. I’ve been asking about this product since the start of the first open beta and the pre-orders apparently closed on the 26th of March.


Yes, guys, it gets worse.

Now, the difference between the two situations is this: the first time, there was a choice to get what I wanted at a later time. It may not be a smart choice or an easy choice but there, at the very least, was a choice. This time, according to the gentleman I spoke with today, I now have no choice – I will have to settle for not getting the collector’s edition and short of searching for it at an exorbitant price on eBay, or something, there’s literally no choice here unless this guy at one of your stores actually picks up the slack of all the other employees at your other locations and actually does something beyond his knowledge and power. I am okay with settling for less, I’ve spent a good portion of my life living with “less than” as part of my everyday situation. It’s not okay when I have to settle because of many other peoples’ incompetence. I literally wanted to give your company more money for something that I dearly wanted and in compensation for your employees’ errors and lack of product knowledge I get nothing but a series of “I will do my best” and “I’m not sure” statements that doesn’t really inspire much more confidence as this kind of nodding-head crap is what got me here in the first place.

We actually aspire to inspire great disappointment in our customers!

We actually aspire to inspire great disappointment in our customers!

I’m going to spend a lot of time trying to figure out, on my own, what my options are going to be because clearly your companies are not to be trusted with this simple, simple set of tasks.

With this, you’ve lost a long-time customer.  You won’t miss me, no doubt. I’ve only got upwards and onward to go from here. I’m sure there’s another local business that could benefit from having me as a valued customer other than being a statistic.


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