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In retrospect of my last post regarding this issue, I suppose I hadn’t gone into some detail that may have been pertinent to following up on this so, before I give a follow-up, let me explain the situation that led me to writing that post, in more detail:

9c90fe855fdaee4508b6169865e37430b493c0c7589a90d1d1f6612b8fa38d4bNow, everyone knows the basic story: I’d been pestering two different EB Games locations – the ones I frequent most, of course – to get details regarding the release, pre-order and purchasing price of the Collector’s Edition of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. I trusted their word, as I usually do, when they told me they had no information regarding any of that. After being told that same information repeatedly, twice in-person, I gave up for a while, figuring I should come back to it after coming closer to the release date.

This brings me to the last time I actually interacted with an employee at EB Games, at a location of the store that I normally don’t go to: there, I met a gentleman who offered me information that nobody had before: the was a pre-order term for the Collector’s Edition of the game and it ended on March 26th; it was the day before release. That period was clearly up. I expressed my situation to him and let him know that I was grossly misled all this time. When he filled me in on what the actual details were and that the release was actually of a limited print… my spirits were shattered. I had my heart set on this game and I’d made a point of selling things that, in all honesty, I really liked, in order to get this release. It was right when I realized not that I wouldn’t get it when I wanted but that I probably wouldn’t get it at all that I really started feeling hurt and disappointed.

Like a bitch. Just like a bitch.
Like a bitch. Just like a bitch.

Given, he tried to reassure me that he will send a message off to the head office regarding the situation but was not able to guarantee anything. That was expected, at this point; limited print run and I missed out on the pre-order usually adds up to missing out on the product entirely. I felt like I missed out on the release of a Suikoden title or something. The problem with this situation, at this point, is that it was hard for me to accept his possible solution when I’d been misinformed so much. He’d seemed confident and said that he was able to get copies in situations like this before and, prior to this, I would have caused a scene and just flipped my shit with demands… but… this time… I just gave up. After a point, I just gave up. I stopped listening. I just felt there was no point in carrying on.


I’d almost forgotten that he had promised to call me in regards to his message to EB Games’ home office, regardless of the results. Without much explanation, he says that they’re mailing that location a copy of the Collector’s Edition of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn either this Friday or coming Monday. I wasn’t really told how they obtained this copy or why it was being given to me with such haste but it made me wonder… did someone fail to pick up their pre-order? Will someone have to go without their pre-ordered copy?

I’m not really overthinking this much and I’m actually just glad I’m getting my copy but I hope that it doesn’t create the same situation for another gamer that it did for me.


If I do end up picking it up tomorrow, I will be streaming the game live on PS4 through Sunday and Monday. If not, then I’ll likely stream it a little on Monday, just chronicling my official start with the game and I’ll be broadcasting my development as a regular stint on my YouTube channel. What I have planned is, basically, fifteen to twenty minutes per playthrough, just showing me going through my normal play, going from newbie to pro as the days go on! I should be fine until about level 20 as I’ve already gone through that process a few times in the first open beta. After that, I’ll be running blind, so you’ll be privy to everything, especially if you’re following my Facebook group because it will be going there, first.

I’m eternally grateful but I’m always wondering if this meant I had to cut someone off or if the higher ups read my previous posts but… either way… maybe it was just serendipity. I’m grateful, either way, and I want to share the experience with you.

I’m so fucking psyched.



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