[ Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn ] Enter: My Very First Rage Quit

I just committed a gaming sin, today, within a half hour of picking up a controller: I performed my first rage quit in a very, very long time. I was so built up in what I was doing and having fun that the fact that I wasn’t doing so good wasn’t even phasing me. It wasn’t my proudest moment in MMO-gaming but it was certainly a whole lot of fun. It was intense and I loved the challenge. This was one of those experiences where the other people I was playing with entirely ruined that experience for me and I just couldn’t deal with it because, just that alone, was making things worse and worse for everyone.

This game and its community on the Marlboro server has spoiled the ever-loving shit out of me. Half the reason I suck at MMORPGs, generally speaking, is due to the fact that I don’t take some spots nearly as seriously as I probably should. I don’t mind wiping or dying a few times to just have fun and learn by trial and error. I might have better things to do with the time I spend wiping but I certainly don’t have better things to do with my time than having fun, which, I thought, was the whole point behind a fucking video game. I shouldn’t have to adopt this “you must succeed to have fun” mentality that a lot of elitist MMORPG players seem to have and that’s why I’ve avoided a lot of MMOs. Most were either just not fun to begin with or the community just ruined it for me.

I should probably catch you guys up before I rant for too long: I’ve been cruising along with the main storyline and side quests with only a few hangups, so far: one quest that had a mob that was ridiculously specced and having to go become a Paladin. Both of those were annoying and quite the time sink but also relatively easy fixes that depended on help that I got from my Free Company and from the community at large. I can’t even begin to tell you how much respect I have for most of the players on the Marlboro server. When I need help, it’s usually not far off and, as a result, I’m more likely to help those that I see that need it. FATEs are still pretty kick ass and they’re a great way to build teamwork skills and level your character up. This game seems built to foster the same kind of friendly reliance that MMORPGs should be about. Getting to my level, now, of a Level 34 Paladin was a pretty smooth process. Go to this quest hub, complete the main storyline quests, push out a few side quests, grind out some FATEs and move on to the next quest hub when that one was finished. When it came time, a instanced Duty would come up as part of the main storyline, I would find a group – a couple took a try or two to get it right but more often it was just a single take and we blew it up. Even if it took more than one try, most people were supportive and their help helped not only me but it helped them complete it and make it enjoyable for everyone.

That brings us to our current problem: ever since I joined my Free Company, the Materia Breakers – one of the best guild-type things I’ve been a part of in a long time – there’s been talk of one particular Primal fight that has been irritating everyone. That Primal is Titan and I can see that it would inspire frustration at higher levels but I don’t get why it inspired so much ire on my first run. I couldn’t do it last night because of server maintenance – even though the document for it said that maintenance wouldn’t be done on my server but whatever – so I had to throw myself into the Duty Finder to take care of it today: “Lord of Crags”, the quest responsible for pitting me and three others against Titan, an enemy that has been built up in my head since my early levels.  I start the quest and the music is helping build the excitement in my head: this shit is going to be intense. And it was.

We wiped on the first attempt and that was fine. I kind of half expected it – half way through the fight I was scrambling around because, for some reason, I couldn’t target Titan. It wasn’t letting me target anything but my own party and I tried damn near everything. This one puke – our healer, I might add – who wasn’t exactly doing the best job doing his role, either, started giving me shit after we wiped. I responded in kind. It kind of took off from there and by the time our next attempt rolled around that guy spent more time focusing on berating me than actually performing his role and the complaints came rolling in from everyone after that. It got so bad, in my eyes, that I literally just felt that everyone whining just made things worse and made it hard for me to focus on the task at hand. So I left the Duty and was forced, like all people who abandon their Duties, to have to wait a half hour before I can attempt again.

I’ve settled down since then and I think I’m ready for my next attempt but I’m really hoping that every Titan run doesn’t go like this. This is utter ridiculousness. This game and its community has been so good to this point and I hope these were just a few bad apples in an otherwise perfectly healthy tree.

But yeah… so I rage quit. Not exactly a proud moment.


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