[ Married to a Gamer ] Final Fantasy XIV

Kick starting an old idea that never really got off the ground but me and my wife really enjoy the thought of doing, I introduce to you a segment I like to call “Married to a Gamer.”

Don't get too excited, now.

Don’t get too excited, now.

I love gaming and I think that something like that is pretty clear to everyone who has ever read any of my writing regarding the subject. My lovely wife, Daisy, I would like to think, knew what she was getting into when she decided she wanted me to marry her. Or she didn’t. No one can really know, for sure, but one thing is certain: she’s now married to a gamer. That’s not exactly true of Daisy, though. I’ve tried to get her really into console gaming but she just never really got all that interested in it; it’s just not her thing. It’s fun, though, because I’ve never really had the chance to really get input from someone who, for all intents and purposes, is a non-gamer. This makes for some pretty fun results and I thought I’d involve you guys in the shenanigans.

How these articles go down will be one of two ways: in a “He Said, She Said” format where Daisy will write something about her observations about a game and how I am when I play or a combined review format where we both get to share our opinions of a game and go that way. Without further ado, enjoy!


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Of course, the game we’re going to open this on is a game I’ve been playing a lot of in the last little while and Daisy has been more than graceful to let me take up the television to play as fanatically as I have been. There’s not a lot to be said about this game that I haven’t said, pretty much, already, so I’ll leave it to a basic introduction of the game for those of you who haven’t really been exposed to the game at all.


You get to create a character and your job is to, inadvertently, save the world from evil forces. You play with a whole bunch of other people who are either out to do the same thing or ruin your day by spamming your chat with power level ads or by screwing with you by causing you to lose. How do you save the world, you ask? You do a lot of people a lot of favors, such as going around a finding stuff, placing stuff, stabbing stuff with your pointy weapon of choice, generally being a nice guy or a massive dick, and then participating in an epic battle that you spent the last five days getting around to. Wash, rinse, repeat. You want to look badass like some of the players you’ve come across? Keep doing those same epic battles over and over again and, maybe, one day, you’ll get an armor set that makes you look cool. Most of the time, though, you’re going to look like a mismatched fashion retard. Would you believe, at the moment of that screenshot above, that was possibly the most functional set of equipment money, quests, and circumstances would provide me?

Why would I spend so much time on a game that just sounds like a bucket of asshattery? It’s actually pretty simple, really:

It is crack. This game is crack.

It is crack. This game is crack.

All kidding aside, though, it’s a pretty awesome MMORPG – massively multiplayer role playing game – and it’s got features in it that encourage community development, participation, and reliance. Rewarding does seem a tad stingy but I can deal with that – I wouldn’t want the best of the best of anything to be too easy to acquire or else everyone would be walking around with it. Getting it wouldn’t mean anything, then.


“He Said…”

I’m not going to lie, this is probably a terrible way to start this thing but, let’s face it, this game has consumed a lot of my attention and a lot of my concentration. I’ve probably said “…wait, let me finish this up” more in the last month than I’ve said it in our entire relationship, which should probably tell you something. There’s a lot of times where I’ve had to explain why I was cursing and getting pissed off at a video game. I normally don’t get that aggravated; when I do, it’s because of the fact that I have to rely on people’s skill as well as my own and that isn’t always a recipe for awesome. I’ve had to really step up the explanations, at times, because, sometimes, I’ll be at a loss, too: I’m still learning the ins and outs of the game and some of the lore and dialogue are a bit much for me to digest without thinking about it. That’s saying a lot. I can’t imagine what it’s like when a non-gamer tries to understand any of it.

Have you tried to explain this shit to a non-gamer? Have you really? It's hard enough to manage when you GET IT.

Have you tried to explain this shit to a non-gamer? Have you really? It’s hard enough to manage when you GET IT.

That being said, a lot of the quests feel like padding to me and that’s where we get to have a lot of fun with it. In between rushing everywhere to find someone’s something or go talk to this guy and that guy about who’s grandma is wearing what and how that pertains to saving the world, there’s a lot of fluff and neither of us are really concerned with that and we make up dialogue and reasoning for why anyone would both to ask an adventurer chosen by the realm’s great holy force to retrieve a fishing rod.

I spend a lot of time waiting for healers, too. Not just healers but good healers, at that. That’s where another fun thing comes into play, where I get to make my character do absolutely ridiculous things and we have a good laugh about that. It’s hard for anyone to really follow the “Ivarice” style of dialogue found in some Final Fantasy titles and this one is no stranger to that so I try and pare it down so that way, even as a spectator, we both can enjoy what’s going on. Well… to some degree.

"Hold on, honey. I think Facebook changed in the last five minutes."

“Hold on, honey. I think Facebook changed in the last five minutes.”

For someone who’s not really into gaming in the first place, though, she’s really made an effort to understand what’s going on and she’s really found a way, on her own, to enjoy some things about the game that really make it a mutual experience for us, which, to me, is extremely important.


“She Said…”

Pictured, there, is my lovely, wonderful, and super sexy wife Daisy.


Seriously, though, she spent a little time writing about the game and this is what she had to say, edited for structure’s sake:
Tuesday April 22nd: Otherwise known as the day I became a gaming widow..
It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and we had just left EB Games.. My husband had a new shiny Collectors Edition copy of Final Fantasy XIV and on the drive home I contemplated a few things: what would life be like now, will I still see him, will he look up at me during a break and notice my good looks still?


Sure, he games a lot but this one… This is the big deal.. I, myself, don’t game; I watch him a lot and enjoy what he does.. I didn’t know much about Final Fantasy going into it but marriage makes you do strange things! 🙂


I waited and watched as he set it all up and got it unboxed… I could see how happy he was getting which, in turn, makes me very happy.


Ever since then I have watched him play as much as possible. I have fallen in love with the chocobos and the tiny little kitten minion [ED: She’s talking about the coeurl kitten, it’s cute as all hell]. I find the game amusing and very action packed with beautiful graphics and somewhat creepy toad like creatures at times. Let’s not forget the Ozzy Osborne-inspired death metal chocobo!

Pre-1992 Ozzy, though. Drugs are weird, man.

Pre-1992 Ozzy, though. Drugs are weird, man.

I have been slowly educated on aspects of the game. For me, I don’t like that the characters don’t actually talk and there’s text that he has to read; he’s cool with it and it’s been explained but that’s the only thing that throws me off. I often make up my own version of what they are saying…

"Yes, I come from a land with lots of sand. Yes, my husband hates me. What of it? I'm sorry, what was that about racial stereotyping?"

“Yes, I come from a land with lots of sand. Yes, my husband hates me. What does that have to do with anything?”

There has been random dance offs and silly things.. The game is entertaining and the fat chocobo theme song is permanently in my head… I often request him to get the fat chocobo so I can see him run after the lettuce, a move I have strived hard to perfect and put into practice while we are in stores sometimes. 🙂

It’s fun watching him play and interact, there’s alot going on. I admire how he gets it all. Sometimes I sit back and look at our cats and think “Whoa dude that shit cray”…


I’m also happy to report that we still maintain a happy marriage and home life. 😀
From what I can tell he really enjoys the game sometimes there are other people that mess things up and sometimes there’s just plain rage at which point I yell “rage kill!” Hey, I’m learning how to be a gamer’s wife here… But the overall experience has been good and he seems happy with it.. He gets enjoyment out of it… Sometimes we joke and make the characters do silly things, sometimes I have no idea what the hell I am looking at but it comes down to two things happy hubby and a cute fat chocobo with a wicked soundtrack….

It’s been about a month that he’s had the game and from what I can tell it something that’s very interactive and gradually worked on; not just wham-bam, pass all the challenges and you win.. It requires detailed thought and fast thinking… Our cat button even curls right up in his lap I think he would be a gamer if he was a people. 🙂

Seems someone already beat us to it, hon. :/

Seems someone already beat us to it, hon. :/

All in all:  very fun game and I still have a husband 🙂  This message has been brought to you by “buy me more jewelry”  and “this is payback for making him watch Glee!”  🙂

Bitch deserved it. #JUSTSAYIN

Bitch deserved it. #JUSTSAYIN


The Conclusion

We’re actually both pretty cool with this one, which is a relief. She’s extremely patient and loving when it comes to being a gamer’s wife with this one where a lot of people – let alone wives – would not be as receptive. That’s why she kicks ass and that’s why I’m glad we could both enjoy this together. It’s a win-win!



2 thoughts on “[ Married to a Gamer ] Final Fantasy XIV

  1. Just throwing it out there. As a gamer myself, even I can’t understand most MMOs. It’s a special kind of game that requires more in depth knowledge of the game to get really good at it. Nice idea, dude! Well done, Kenny and Daisy.

    • I just find that it demands a sort of flexibility and attention to detail. It can get confusing at times and it can certainly get frustrating but the payoffs, for me, are way bigger than the cons.
      Thank you, though. 🙂 I enjoyed making it.

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