[ Blog ] My Final Thoughts on IGN: Time to Say Goodbye

I know what you’re all thinking: “hey, another guy is going to tear into IGN over this Last Guardian business.” That isn’t going to be the case, here: you see, I know people make mistakes and sometimes people make big ones. The guy responsible for the mistake has stepped forward, accepted responsibility, and I can admire a man of business and journalism for doing that, regardless of whether or not he was forced to do so. When I made a public jab at my last gig at Gaming Precision, I was laid out to pasture along with someone who wasn’t even directly involved in the matter and neither of us were really given a chance to redeem ourselves. So, whether or not the guy was forced, I can respect everyone involved for reacting the way that they did, especially this close to E3.

No, my beef with IGN goes a little deeper than that and has been going strong for some time. You see, there are different types of publications out there: those who take pride in integrity, those who take pride in verification, those who place value in individual style. There are many different voices in the world today – including mine – that have been given a platform on which to speak, thanks to the internet, and a website has to stand large and uniquely over everyone else in order to stand out as someone’s “go-to” for multimedia news. IGN is one of those that stands out by, simply, being bigger than a lot of others. While that is a valid way to stand out, it certainly doesn’t make a publication special or awesome based on that alone.

There’s a reason I believe that, though: do any of you guys remember GamePro? It was the big thing for people to read if you wanted to know about gaming, before the internet was really a thing. When it was popular, around my neck of the woods, if you were a gamer, you read one of three magazines: you either read Game Players, GamePro, or Nintendo Power. For those who don’t know, GamePro was the giant of the time; they had access to seemingly endless resources, links to all kinds of inside sources, and all the right information at all the right times. They seemed to be pretty spot on about their reviews and previews, as well. Their other information and attempts to seem personable always seemed to kind of flop, with me, but if I wanted to know something about a game, chances are it came from a GamePro magazine. One time, though, my mother ended up getting me a Game Players magazine by mistake and I leafed through it, thinking, “what the hell could it hurt to check it out”; I found a gaming magazine that had just as much information but it felt as though you were part of the experience. It felt as though it was a gaming magazine by gamers, for gamers. That was the one thing that I felt was missing from GamePro: it felt like I was being catered to by people who didn’t really care what I had to say or think. Game Players, while less popular than GamePro and not quite as big as GamePro, was the superior magazine. Not because of the quantity of information or by the size and worth of its assets but by the quality of its content.

We come back around to IGN, now, and I feel the same kind of vibe coming off of the site that I did back when I made the switch from GamePro to Game Players. This whole Last Guardian business may have been a good case for how to properly backpedal out of a bad situation but it was the last straw for me. I won’t call for a boycott or anything, I won’t start any riots or file any petitions. That’s just stupid and entirely unprofessional. I just feel that IGN has become bloated: whatever life it used to have has been stretched thin by people who just don’t have the same passion for gaming that I do. The information I read about stuff I really care about could be just as likely to have been written by some rookie who engages in petty Twitter arguments as it could be by someone who actually knows a thing or two about the subject. IGN has become too big for its britches and the network seems to pride itself on its wealth of content and expanded staff of “knowledgeable people.”

This was the last straw, for me. I’m officially removing it from my life and I will no longer be taking anything I hear from them seriously, any longer. This isn’t a big deal, I’m just moving on to better things. Thanks for reading, I just needed to get that one off of my chest.


2 thoughts on “[ Blog ] My Final Thoughts on IGN: Time to Say Goodbye

    • It really comes down to personal preferences but I do, sometimes, have a soft spot that returns for 1up.

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