[ Fallout Friday ] And So it Begins

I spent the better part of two months completely dominating Fallout 4 and, on my last character, it showed. I thought that after running through the the last two Fallout games that I would be better prepared to face this entry, so I bumped up the difficulty a little: having gone through the game and completely manhandled it – for the most part, if you didn’t count my lack of being able to find very many RadAways that accounted for 90% of any anxiety going through the first half of the game – I figured I was totally ready for the next go around to be just as easy. Turns out I wasn’t as pro as I thought, I just got lucky. I’ll show you exactly why:

That shotgun, there, if you can’t tell or if you’re simply too lazy to watch the video, that’s called “ROSEWOOD BOOMSTICK”, which I later named Rosalind, was an explosive legendary shotgun I’d picked up from a relatively easy to kill legendary ghoul fairly early on in the game. What was even worse is that I didn’t even really earn it: the ghoul was over my level and was chasing me down so I set down a grenade next to a car and crossed my fingers… turns out I actually blew up two or three cars and the ghoul was done for. Upon inspecting the corpse, there was my shotgun. With it being as awesome as it was, I poured everything I could into it and actually built perks around being able to modify and use it well. Eventually, I was able to pull stuff like this off:

Yes, that’s me taking out a Super Mutant Suicider from half a block away, decimating another car and who knows what else. Weird that I never got the experience for it but I was focused more on the trick shot at the time so it was probably because the explosion from the bomb took the guy out as opposed to my gun fire. I don’t know. I just know that Suiciders scare the ever loving crap out of me and being able to take one out from afar like that, guaranteed, is a godsend. Turns out that between that gun and the infinite cap glitch that allowed me to stay on top of ammunition, I was able to blow through the first part of the game. By the time things had gotten rough, I was well prepared for it and there isn’t much that can stop me on that playthrough.

However, things are a little different, this time around: I’ve found that without that gun, things are a lot tougher now, on that same difficulty. Raider encampments are a little more grueling to get through, Gunners are the threat every in-game character said they were, and Deathclaws are a completely different story, now. Given, I’m a lot more prepared, mentally, for the challenges that face me, my expectations are still a tad off and I find myself compensating for them and often that results in me dying, meaning that this second playthrough to get different endings is turning out to be more of a pain in the ass than expected. Knowing what perks are available has really helped out, though, so the situations I find tough, I can make a retreat from and think “just wait until I level up…” Making money is a lot easier than it should be, too, what with farming purified water like it’s going out of style and doing the settlement quests.

It’s just that I have to think a lot more than I normally would have on my last playthrough, which makes grinding for endings a little slower than anticipated, which kind of grinds my gears, but whatever. If I’m going to get this Platinum and have it be my first, I have to jump through the hoops, so that’s what I’m going to do. Consider this the first of many steps but, so far, my first big choice is going to be deciding who gets to blow up the Institute: the Railroad or the Brotherhood. Can’t say I care for any of the factions, really, and wish there was a Minuteman ending where you just let them all destroy each other but alas, that isn’t the case… probably leaning towards the Railroad because once I get that perk for embedding armor, getting some of the bobblehead and magazine trophies might get a lot easier. Gotta be able to take hits while searching an area thoroughly. All food for thought.


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