[ The Day Off Duty Finder ] Machinist and Dragoon Grinding

It’s been a while since I’ve dedicated myself to a single session of Final Fantasy XIV in the last month but, considering what I had to contend with in the last month or so, I would say that it’s been well deserved. Today, I set out with the mission to chip away at my journey to 60 on my Machinist and actually get through my relic quest for my Dragoon, as when Heavensward released, I skipped right over my Dragoon relics and went into the HW equipment.


Dragoon Relics

Probably the most tedious of the two: I had left off where I needed to meld the two Savage Aim materia onto a Champion’s Lance to make the first level relic weapon for Dragoon. If you don’t get them on your own via drops, you’re looking at a decent sum of gil to drop on the market in order to get the materials and, even then, unless you have a Carpenter who’s capable of melding the materia you’re likely looking for help from Free Company mates or just wandering around, shouting for help. From what I heard, it was always quicker to just find the melded lance on the market but on my server it would seem there were more people who tried to gyp people on their ignorance by selling the right lances with the wrong materia melded; it looked similar enough so that way it would be bought at the price for the properly melded lance. It’s sneaky and I only fell for it once but never again.

I always try and check the market for this stuff whenever I log on and, for the first time in months, the correctly melded lance was available and I had the gil necessary to buy it, so I stopped what I was doing with my Machinist and got right to the North Shroud and handed in my lance… only to find out I forgot there was a bunch more stuff I needed to do in order to get my relic lance. For those of you who still haven’t done your first relic quest line, be prepared for a challenge of both patience and skill as you will need to worry about nearly every quest type you can think of: dungeon, trial, fetch, find a person, and hunts. Some of them even repeat. I’m actually quite grateful that there’s enough people either looking to get their relics and people who help others get their relics because otherwise, I’d spend all this time just waiting in the Duty Finder.

Of course, once I get my relic, getting my second level relic isn’t as hard, as you just need enough tomes of a certain type to buy the item you need to make it, if I’m not mistaken, so once I get over this hump, I should be okay. It’s just getting over this hump that’s really trying my patience.

All this for a weapon I don’t even particularly need, honestly. Getting reacquainted with my Dragoon is nice, though; not to mention that I’ve actually racked up quite a few commendations so far, which says a lot… I don’t normally get commendations on non-tank classes.


Machinist’s Journey to 60

I’d been sitting at 55 for the longest time before I decided to crank it up and try hard to get up to 60. I’m sitting at 56, now, and it’s getting hard to keep going solo: between my Roulettes, side quests – which I’m running out of, as we speak, and various other things, it’s finally hit that point where it’s steady and demeaning tedium. The grind is constant and is it ever real. I’m burning up just as much as I can to try and get through the grind but it’s taking time and it’s not easy. I remember this when I went through with my Dark Knight but that was a little easier due to the fact that tanks were almost always in demand on the Duty Finder and I was plowing through story and job quests like nothing as well.

I can’t wait, though: I really enjoy playing the game using Machinist. I’ve never really gotten a taste for DPS until I picked up Machinist. I mean, I clearly gave Dragoon a try but it rarely ever got anything that made DPS worth it. I always picked up crap for playing Dragoon because there’s apparently a lot of players that make Dragoon a hard class to deal with, sometimes. I thoroughly enjoy the fact that Machinists sit back, fire off abilities, and don’t have to party manage like Bards do: you are responsible for some debuffs but soloing is fine without them and there’s only really so many battles where those small percentages actually matter.

ffxiv 2013-12-28 22-23-25-10

Parting Blows

I actually sincerely cannot wait to get into some of the post-HW stuff as I’ve not gotten into that content yet. As much as I love my Paladin and Dark Knight, I think it’s time to give it a rest as a tank and start getting into DPS; I’m quite so adventurous as to even think about doing healing, yet, especially with just a controller, but I will have to try it someday.

Also, I still hate Titan: there’s no one single fight that glaringly abuses those who are just not good at the game and punishes those who are actually doing their best and are actually rocking it out in the vanilla version of the game. It’s that damned Landslide that does it: anyone hit by it is pushed right off the arena and that happens regardless of your level, equipment, or position within the AOE; if you get hit, you’re done. Take out enough people and that’s it. If you have system or network lag, you can forget about this being an easy fight at any level of difficulty. I had to play it a few times as a process for the relics and holy crap does it bring back painful memories.


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