[ Metal Gear Mondays ] David Hayter and #SnakeMystery

If you’re any kind of Metal Gear fan, you’re probably used to the kind of shenanigans that happen prior to a game’s release in the franchise, especially if the game featured Hideo Kojima in the production staff. While Konami has been making promises about returning to the franchise, aside from some murmurings that hiring is being done for another project in the franchise, there hasn’t been a whole lot of talk. Well, today that changed when David Hayter took to Twitter with a hashtag and a bit of teasing regarding the franchise:

What does this mean, exactly? No one seems to really know for sure but the Tweet – unlike most Tweets of this nature – hasn’t been taken down so the company, Konami, must have a hand in this somehow. However, we have to realize that this is merely the words of a voice actor who, as far as we know, could be misled just as easily as we are, so I’m not personally crossing my fingers. What do you guys think?


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