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[ Review ] Faeria

Check out my review of the established and wonderful trading card game, Faeria!


[ Discussion ] The Metroid Race

The namesake of the Metroid franchise, the Metroid race is something of an interesting thing: while Nintendo names the franchise by the race your main antagonists in the series are, very rarely, actually the Metroids at all. Heck, in the first game, they're barely even presented as significant enemies but rather akin to, say, mini-bosses.… Continue reading [ Discussion ] The Metroid Race

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[ Retro Review ] Metroid 2: Return of Samus

Writer's Note: This review is written for the Game Boy version and not the independent or official remake. When this game came out, I was kind of surprised I was even interested. The original Metroid didn't really hook me right away due to some of its awkwardness as an NES game and the atmosphere just… Continue reading [ Retro Review ] Metroid 2: Return of Samus