[ Review ] Anima: Gate of Memories

Writer’s Note: I wrote this review using a digital review copy of the PlayStation 4 version of the game. I’m not sure where to go with this: this game’s foundation is based around the tabletop RPG franchise Anima: Beyond Fantasy which is a Spanish franchise that got inspiration from mainstream console RPG franchises like Final Fantasy and Suikoden so it’s … More [ Review ] Anima: Gate of Memories

[ Review ] Fallout 4: Far Harbor

There was a bit of a problem that was developing with Fallout 4‘s additional content: while Automatron added a fun quest line and huge functionality in the form of building and modifying a robot companion and Wasteland Workshop added a bunch of functionality around settlements and monster taming, they were starting to feel very… same-y. I don’t mind this … More [ Review ] Fallout 4: Far Harbor

[ First Impressions ] Overwatch vs. Battleborn

Wow. So. Okay. How to start this: I was planning on going into the public betas for Battleborn and Overwatch with glazed eyes, thinking they were either going to be Smite in first-person or a cheap Team Fortress 2 ripoff and it’s become very clear to me that this wasn’t going to be as easy a choice as I initially … More [ First Impressions ] Overwatch vs. Battleborn

[ Review ] King’s Quest, Chapter 3: Once Upon a Climb

A while back I was granted the opportunity to play the first episode of King’s Quest for the PlayStation 4 and while I found the game engaging and intriguing I felt that the game was trying to bring too many new things to the King’s Quest universe and it felt like the reboot took a long time, … More [ Review ] King’s Quest, Chapter 3: Once Upon a Climb