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[ Review ] Paper Mario: Color Splash

The exact moment Paper Mario: Color Splash was revealed earlier this year during a Nintendo Direct, a ruckus arose from fans of the Paper Mario series. The resemblance to the previous entry, Paper Mario: Sticker Star, was clear as day. The series has long since ditched RPG mechanics that were ever so prominent in the… Continue reading [ Review ] Paper Mario: Color Splash

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[ Blog ] Cartridges: They Need to be Standard Again

When compact discs became a standard for portable and user-friendly data storage, it was out of necessity: there was nothing quite like it on the market in terms of capacity and portability that also made data transfer and access incredibly easy. Alternative storage mediums were either expensive or difficult for the common end user to… Continue reading [ Blog ] Cartridges: They Need to be Standard Again


[ Review ] Transformers: Devastation

This game was reviewed using a digital copy of the game available on the PlayStation Network for the PlayStation 4. Have you played a game from PlatinumGames in the past? Well, for those of you that have, look no further. You already know what to expect. Include the characters from Transformers and you've pretty much… Continue reading [ Review ] Transformers: Devastation

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[ Movie Review ] Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive

It seems like forever since The Spirits Within came out and shook the movie world up with a movie so utterly divisive: never before had we seen a movie with CGI that impressive, done with an all-star cast, with the kind of budget that was reserved for mainstream surefire successes. It's been many years since then and… Continue reading [ Movie Review ] Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive

The Final Stage

[ The Final Stage ] Fallout 4

New concept for an article, since this is the first time I'll be bringing it out: everyone gets to a certain point where they've played just about enough of a game or when they've gotten sick of said game or even when they're so sick of the game that even hearing the game's name really… Continue reading [ The Final Stage ] Fallout 4

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[ First Impressions ] Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance

It's been a while, Disgaea. I was pretty obsessed with the franchise, back in the days of the first two releases: I was a huge fan of strategical role playing games and, for some reason, animé had not worn out its welcome, tropes and all. I suppose that the localization team was busy trying hard to… Continue reading [ First Impressions ] Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance

First Impressions, Review

[ First Impressions ] Dragon Quest Builders

Equal parts Dragon Quest, Harvest Moon, and Minecraft, this curious creation of a video game comes out of nowhere with its blend of creative gameplay that doesn't really leave out many elements from either of those games and keeps the spirit of each one alive. The game doesn't really give you much of a premise, much like the… Continue reading [ First Impressions ] Dragon Quest Builders